Internet of Things

Internet of Things have evolved from convergence of Internet, wireless and sensor based mechanical systems. The future will be hyper connected changing the ways we live and work. Our focus is to promote innovative, secure solutions that connects the un-connected


Bring new benefits to your business with award-winning Relayr sensor technology. By using sensors and data analytics you have the tools to make more informed business decisions enhancing your competitive edge


  • Asset visibility and monitoring – gain full visibility into the performance and condition of all assets connected to the network, in real time and historically, and asset utilisation
  • Asset tracking – immediately locate connected assets across the enterprise
  • Asset management - create policies that allow you to manage-by exception by identifying and taking automated action on an asset when its behavior or properties deviate from a normal condition
  • Energy management – optimise energy consumption with visualisation of asset energy consumption trends across the organisation
  • Develop predictability through analytics and convert this to business outcomes
  • Make more informed decisions around your future digitization strategy as you expand on your IoT experiences