Enterprise Energy Management

Enterprise Energy Management support the way we plan and operate energy usage in the Enterprise. By utilising innovative software solutions that monitor, analyse and control the energy consumption we are able to make better proactive decisions saving time, money and CO2

Cisco Energy Management Suite

Cisco Energy Manager operates by monitoring, analysing and controlling the energy in use of network connected devices across the organisation. It has an agentless approach reaching out with standard protocols to all devices in your multi-vendor environment across Office, Datacenter and Facilities


  • Cut Energy costs by up to 35% in your Offices
  • 100% visibility into the energy consumption in your Datacenters
  • Connect to your Facilities and BMS systems
  • By controlling power you also gain a higher level of asset visibility
  • Identify equipment to virtualise or retire based on consumption
  • Integrate to your IOT devices

StruxureWare for Data Centers

Innovative data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provides complete visibility from the building level down to the servers. Users can reduce energy consumption, protect system uptime, and improve planning and operational performance throughout the data center life cycle


  • Track, visualize, and manage assets for intelligent analytics
  • Ensure proper availability and uptime
  • Provide real-time energy procurement and carbon management data
  • Bridge the Facilities and  IT gap to optimize information flow
  • Optimize IT asset utilization and power consumption to help reduce costs