The world is moving towards an age of automatic knowledge generation. Extracting information automatically means increasing access to many forms of recorded digital data. The unstructured information, which is recorded in relational databases, continues to grow and is manageable. But the system requirements often becomes a limitation when it comes to unstructured information. To resolve this, technology will have to emulate the functions of the human brain to a higher degree. These new requirements means automation must support us in the shaping of knowledge itself

Swisscows Company Search

Based on the success of Hulbee search “Swisscows,” the technology now moves into the Enterprise. Leveraging the DataCloud functionality you will soon experience the difference with a true corporate answering engine. The solution is coming in SMB and Enterprise versions


  • Semantics-based scan agents, which can identify patterns of meaning and thereby bring structure into unstructured information
  • Automatic extraction of keywords and context recognition
  • Automatic generation of graphical displays of relations between the major topics in the context
  • Analysis of the meaning of the texts will allow information to be found that would not otherwise appear as a result in stochastic key words
  • Simultaneous application of content in several languages
  • Implementation of information on the Internet, the company Intranet and on individual hard drives